The Great INDIE Summer Read Giveaway!!

I’m delighted to take part in yet another giveaway. The response to the Indie Book Collective’s Blog Tour de Troops was so phenomenal that here I am, GIVING AWAY MY NOVELLA again.

Katja Rinne of CoffeeMugged has organized The Great INDIE Summer Read Giveaway, bringing together many independent authors in a giant giveaway of over 100 different books.

My novella, Malakh, is one of the giveaways. Malakh borders on urban fantasy, and is the story of Suzanne, who finds redemption and healing while hunting her former lover, an angel responsible for a series of hideous murders in Seattle.

Here’s the deal. You gain entries by commenting on the participating blogs and by following the blog of giveaway hostess and the blog of the authors. The winners of the giveaway will be announced shortly after July 31st, and will be selected using

1st winner will receive 10 different books
2nd & 3rd winners will receive 5 different books
4th & 5th winners will receive 3 different books
6th – 10th winners will receive 2 different books

Others will win one book each as long as there’s books to give out. And there’s lots of them! Some authors are giving away several copies. This form allows you to select which books you want to be entered to win.

The full list of books being given away is here.

The Goodreadslist is here.

But wait – there’s more!

If you’re anything like me, you rarely win any giveaways. I know I hate walking away empty-handed, so I’m extending my offer beyond the scope of The Great INDIE Summer Read Giveaway. For every person who comments on AND subscribes to this blog, I will GIVE YOU a copy my upcoming release, Office Politics, in e-book format upon its release on June 30, 2011. Leave your e-mail address in the comments (in janedoe(AT)isp(DOT)com format to avoid spambots flooding your e-mail inbox; although WordPress captures many email addresses when you leave comments, it ain’t always so, and I want to be sure you get what you came for).



8 thoughts on “The Great INDIE Summer Read Giveaway!!

  1. Karen in Breezy Point says:

    Office Politics sounds like a great read. Thanks!
    Karen in Breezy Point
    kmartin at uslink dot net

  2. Gary A Wilson says:

    Ju, Sahron is an outstanding writer and you will enjoy reading her books immensely. I’ve read “Office Politics” in the draft stage and my sides hurt from laughing. Sharon also helped me to edit my second novel “Covert Defense Force: Sake of Time.

    Sharon, looking forward to reading the finished version and the rest of your novels.

    You know where to reach me 8P

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