(release date TBA)

It’s not easy for Tia Schaefer, being the daughter of the much-talked about Mills super-couple, Aaron and Kimberly Schaefer. It seems that everyone is always expecting her to live up to her mother’s reputation as strong and fearless – while not telling her just how Kimberly came by that reputation. And her father’s expectations of raising a prim-and-proper daughter simply don’t fit Tia’s wild and reckless longings – for passion, adventure, and that elusive something more that comes from living in a small, fish-bowl town all her life.

Her twin brother Evan has no such difficulties. He’s a devoted and obedient son, the “responsible” one. He’s Tia’s moral conscience and voice of reason when otherwise she would plow through a life filled with one disaster of her own making after another. He’s a fierce and protective shield for his best friend, Marnie Stafford, the constable’s daughter, when she attracts a mysterious, handsome stalker.

When Tia finds and reads her mother’s private journal, her rebellion rages full force. And when Marnie’s gypsy stalker turns his eye on her, she doesn’t find it at all alarming, but intoxicating and thrilling. He tells her fantastic legends from his homeland about a mysterious house – the House of Smoke and Shadows – and the extraordinary, evil beings that live in it.

But the house is real. And her gypsy lover isn’t all he claims to be – he’s much, much more. Tia is about to stumble into a wonderland of fear and amazement, into a destiny of danger, spiritual strength, and otherworldly responsibilities.

If she lives long enough.

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