Burning Books coverThe first one pulls you in
The last one could be deadly

She should have run when she found the books, the ones in the strange little shop where not every book could be pulled off the shelf. But when Molly McKinley sees her name inscribed in the back of six books, she can’t resist. She even throws one in for her twin brother Magnus, because it bears his name inside the back cover. It’s not that she’s dying to read them, for when she opens them, the words jumble in her mind and she can’t make sense of them. But she’s dying to possess them.

Magnus doesn’t like the books, but he reads his anyway, shocked when it bursts into flames when he’s done, taking with it all the ash and his memory of the words within. Suddenly the words in Molly’s book begin to make sense to her, and she plunges into a story of desperate terror that she can’t seem to put down.

In serial form, each book tells a segment of a story of psychological torment and brutal torture in the victim’s own words. The story is horrifying, but Molly can’t stop reading despite Magnus’s growing concern that the story is affecting her psychologically. Each volume burns when she reaches the end, leaving behind nothing but the memory of the story in crystal clarity, as though she is experiencing a memory rather than reading a book.

The narrator’s fear and horror become Molly’s own, growing with every volume read, bringing her closer to a danger she is overwhelmingly certain is real. When at last she reaches the final book – will it be the last in every sense of the word?


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