Release Date: TBD (in progress)

Twelve chances to find forever . . . if he dares

Bryleigh Branson has long harbored a crush on her best friend Luci’s cousin. Handsome, fun, and an incredible kisser, Kristof Haldemann sets her heart—and other parts—on fire.

But she has enough marks against her without adding a player who dates a different woman every weekend, each more alluring than the last. With a doting but ditzy mother looking for love in all the wrong places, a father who refuses to move on from his divorce from her mother, and a head injury that makes recalling names as difficult as performing brain surgery with a broadsword, Bryleigh has more than enough to keep her occupied.

Then Luci holds a benefit auction at her restaurant to help a local family who lost everything in a fire. A bachelor auction. And when Luci’s husband Simon convinces Kristof to put himself on the auction block, Bryleigh sees her chance.

The winning bidder gets one month with her bachelor. No way is she going to let some blue-haired widow spirit him off for yard work. She’s going to win, and she’s going to take her winnings one weekend a month for a year: Twelve chances to show the one man whose name she never, ever forgets just how memorable she can be.

Kristof Haldemann is fully aware of how short life is; his mother died when she was still young, before she’d fully begun to live. He’s got a plan to experience the world, and there’s no way he’s tying ballast to his left hand.

But he has a powerful thirst for this particular redhead. He hasn’t forgotten that sensational kiss the night she helped him save face in front of his friends when his date was a no-show. So he agrees to her terms. A long-time friend of his family, Bryleigh is familiar, and he knows what to expect from her.

Until she launches a game of romantic chess with all the finesse of a champion chess master, and Kristof finds himself drawn in deeper by the month. But he has no intention of letting her lasso him by the ring finger. This is just a game, after all.

Until, suddenly, it isn’t.