To Ban or Not to Ban … Should Not Even Be a Question

First read this article and this post will make more sense.  Okay, now that you’re back… To ban a book or not ban it shouldn’t even be a question. For me, it isn’t one I’ve ever pondered. I’ve never agreed with banning books. And parents, don’tcha know that as soon as you tell kids they can’t do … More To Ban or Not to Ban … Should Not Even Be a Question

A Certain Slant of Light

I see you in a certain slant of light, a glimpse of tousled hair and a sleepy grin in the graceful radiance of a fresh spring morning; or a flash of skin, kissed golden, sun-drenched and warmed by the lazy beams of a sultry summer afternoon; or in pensive silhouette against a blazing autumn sky, painted red and gold and orange as evening claims the waning day; or washed … More A Certain Slant of Light

Polly Perfect … Perfectly Boring?

Let’s talk characters today. More to the point, let’s talk about characters with serious personality flaws. The following text is an excerpt from a review of Condemned on “I also have a problem with the heroine making stupid choices especially when it drives apart her marriage. It reminds me of those insipid romance stories with all … More Polly Perfect … Perfectly Boring?

Ducking Autocorrect!

I’ve shared many things with you, dear readers, some of them painful for me, most of them painful for you. But you’re still hanging around, you masochists, so I’m about to inflict even more abuse upon your tender heads. Allow me to share the latest skirmish in my ongoing, exasperating, fiercely waged war with autocorrect … More Ducking Autocorrect!

Of Clones & Confessions- oh, and Happy Independence Day!

I realize I don’t blog as much as I should. I’m sitting here right now while Long-Suffering Spouse, WonderBoy, and La Princessa are recovering from a walk with the buttercup (which temporarily ended my daily Dora the Explorer purgatory), thinking about stress. They say confession is good for the soul. You know why? It relieves … More Of Clones & Confessions- oh, and Happy Independence Day!