To Ban or Not to Ban … Should Not Even Be a Question

First read this article and this post will make more sense.  Okay, now that you're back... To ban a book or not ban it shouldn't even be a question. For me, it isn't one I've ever pondered. I've never agreed with banning books. And parents, don'tcha know that as soon as you tell kids they can't do … Continue reading To Ban or Not to Ban … Should Not Even Be a Question


Shut Up & Kiss Me (INDIE-kissing Blogfest)

My thanks to The Indelibles for hosting this blogfest. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good blogfest. And everyone likes a good kissing scene. The moment when the main character finally gets lip-to-lip with his or her objet de désir is the culmination of untold hours of longing, fantasy, and anticipated passion. But have you … Continue reading Shut Up & Kiss Me (INDIE-kissing Blogfest)

A Certain Slant of Light

I see you in a certain slant of light, a glimpse of tousled hair and a sleepy grin in the graceful radiance of a fresh spring morning; or a flash of skin, kissed golden, sun-drenched and warmed by the lazy beams of a sultry summer afternoon; or in pensive silhouette against a blazing autumn sky, painted red and gold and orange as evening claims the waning day; or washed … Continue reading A Certain Slant of Light

Of Clones & Confessions- oh, and Happy Independence Day!

I realize I don't blog as much as I should. I'm sitting here right now while Long-Suffering Spouse, WonderBoy, and La Princessa are recovering from a walk with the buttercup (which temporarily ended my daily Dora the Explorer purgatory), thinking about stress. They say confession is good for the soul. You know why? It relieves … Continue reading Of Clones & Confessions- oh, and Happy Independence Day!