Who I Am

I write apocalyptic fiction with a horror slant and sweet sentimental contemporary romances realistic stories of relationships: the good, the bad, and the unpaid bills. My works delves beyond romantic candlelit dinners and the fluttery butterflies of a first kiss and dives right into the often light, sometimes dark, and ever-enduring heart of real love.

My background includes a childhood spent in Air Force base theaters, where my projectionist father ran carbon arc film projectors;  several years in the food service industry; some time spent in a couple sewing factories (I did top-stitching for the Levi line back in the early 1980s); and numerous years spent working in various offices. I hold two Associates of Applied Science degrees office-related fields. I am married with three children, a gaggle of grandchildren, and some feline furbabies. We all currently live on the dry side of Washington State, rubbing elbows with the wonderful state of Idaho.

All of this has given me the arrogance to believe I have the background and sufficient experience to write about relationships, especially in the office setting. If you’re here, I’ve convinced you to believe this as well. I cannot promise that my work is for everyone – reader tastes are extraordinarily subjective – but I do promise a rollercoaster ride of exquisite emotion, imperfect characters, reckless actions, and sometimes beautifully idiotic decisions.

So, in the the various languages of my melting-pot lineage, I say welcome. Willkommen. Fáilte. Bienvenue.