Shut Up & Kiss Me (INDIE-kissing Blogfest)

My thanks to The Indelibles for hosting this blogfest. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good blogfest. And everyone likes a good kissing scene. The moment when the main character finally gets lip-to-lip with his or her objet de désir is the culmination of untold hours of longing, fantasy, and anticipated passion. But have you … Continue reading Shut Up & Kiss Me (INDIE-kissing Blogfest)

The Indie Book Blowout

Don't miss the first-ever Indie Book Blowout! Over a hundred titles from dozens of independent authors - each for only 99¢! What a bargain! Plus, enter to win a free Kindle. What kind of books are being offered? Mystery/thriller, romance, mainstream literary, scifi/fantasy, YA fiction, and yes, even nonfiction. For all you romance readers, anyone … Continue reading The Indie Book Blowout