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You cannot outrun them.

You cannot see them coming.

You cannot be cured if they bite you.

They are the vámpír, a race of human-demonic hybrids created by a bite from an angel bound to the earth. An infestation can wipe out a city in mere months, and they are as hard to exterminate as a cockroach colony.

Sonny Stafford knows them intimately. Born into the Merénylõ, an elusive Magyar gypsy clan dedicated to controlling the vámpír, he has studied them, learned their habits, trained to conquer them. He is an assassin; in his blood runs the legacy of salvation for humankind. It is fatal to the vámpír; a single drop can wipe out an entire hive in a matter of days.

There is one problem: their blood is fatal to him as well–and no Merénylõ has ever survived the extermination of a vámpír hive.

The shadow of the vámpír has now fallen over Sonny’s hometown – over his friends, his family, the woman he loves.

There is no dodging his responsibility.

There is no escaping his destiny.

There is no hope for his survival.

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