Wisdom for Artists Like Us

My husband sent me a wonderful quote–not sure why, but probably because he knows I go through phases. First I’ll love my work, think it’s brilliant, then other days I think it sucks worse than a tornado and want to shred every stinking page. My schizophrenic mood swings about my writing are actually pretty common among my writing brethren, and so I’m going to share the quote here.

I, for one, am going to keep going. I’m going to fight through. Who’s with me?


7 thoughts on “Wisdom for Artists Like Us

  1. Fabian says:

    Then there are crazy poets like myself who know that, “being a poet is a condition; not an occupation”. Robert Frost said that. He also said that he threw away over half of his written works. I’d like to stumble across that dumpster… (laughing) I think almost everyone gets better at almost everything with practice and study of form.

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