Get print editions of my books, signed (by me, of course). These come from my personal stock and may or may not be shipped with a little special something from me to you.


DCF 1.0 Wyckham House print cover3-sm condemned fit
$12.99 (includes shipping)btn_cart_LG $18.99 (includes shipping)btn_cart_LG $18.99 (includes shipping)
OP-sm Bedroom SharonGerlach_BlinkOfAnEye_a
$14.99 (includes shipping)btn_cart_LG $16.99 (includes shipping)btn_cart_LG $16.99 (includes shipping)btn_cart_LG
WhereIBelong  Simon Says med  Burning Books cover
16.99 (includes shipping) btn_cart_LG  16.99 (includes shipping)btn_cart_LG  16.99 (includes shipping)btn_cart_LG

Please allow 3 – 6 weeks for shipping.

One thought on “Signed Print Editions

  1. Lydia Ortiz says:

    Just finished reading “Condemned”! Another superlative thriller from your mind, heart and hands. I am also so glad to see you have almost completed work on Blackberry House 2 as Sara Jane and Gus hold a special place in my heart and I so look forward to more of their story. Thank you Sharon for your wonderful writing; I am a faithful follower.

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