To Ban or Not to Ban … Should Not Even Be a Question

First read this article and this post will make more sense.  Okay, now that you’re back… To ban a book or not ban it shouldn’t even be a question. For me, it isn’t one I’ve ever pondered. I’ve never agreed with banning books. And parents, don’tcha know that as soon as you tell kids they can’t do … More To Ban or Not to Ban … Should Not Even Be a Question

Polly Perfect … Perfectly Boring?

Let’s talk characters today. More to the point, let’s talk about characters with serious personality flaws. The following text is an excerpt from a review of Condemned on “I also have a problem with the heroine making stupid choices especially when it drives apart her marriage. It reminds me of those insipid romance stories with all … More Polly Perfect … Perfectly Boring?

Out of Step

‎”I passionately hate the idea of being with it; I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time. ”  Orson Welles Amen, brother.  While I completely understand the necessity of saturating a topic or sub-genre in the traditional publishing world – after all, they have to bank on what is already … More Out of Step

Burning the Rulebook

There’s something that has always bothered me: “the rulebook” of do’s and don’ts in writing fiction. Prologues, apparently, are out, as are dream sequences, passive voice, antiheroes, and adverbs. *shameless plug here for my unofficial Save the Adverbs campaign*  Have a plausible plot, yes; I failed in the regard in the first draft of Office … More Burning the Rulebook

What A Character!

I’ve been asked a lot since the release of my novella, Malakh, how I come up with my characters. It’s kind of a funny question to me, because I don’t so much come up with them as they come to me and say “This is my story and for some weird, indefinable, probably insanity-related reason, … More What A Character!