10 Ways You Know a Story Was Written By Me

I have Kait Nolan to thank for this meme–not that she tagged me for it, but I subscribe to her blog and read it (almost) daily. Since I was blank on ideas for a new blog post and the only other activity ahead on the horizon today is weed-whacking the back yard, I decided to slap something together.

Here’s what you do for this meme:

1. Post on your blog ten ways someone would know a story was written by you

2. Then comment on this post with the link to your post

So here are my 10:

  1. My heroine is a strong personality, and never, ever weak or codependent even if she has been damaged.
  2. While it’s a romance, there’s never any mush and very rarely any “hearts & flowers.” The story is always more about relationships than about the thrill of infatuation.
  3. My villains are sometimes nearly as appealing–or just as appealing–as my heroes.
  4. My main characters often have character flaws that cause or exacerbate their dire circumstances.
  5. My characters often have wry or sarcastic senses of humor.
  6. The story does not contain any–repeat ANY–explicit sex scenes. Ever.
  7. The story is driven psychologically rather than physically.
  8. My main characters make mistakes. Often many.
  9. There is absolutely no mention of politics and my characters make no admissions of their political affiliations.
  10. Not all questions or mysteries are answered or resolved by the end of the story.

Keep the meme going, writers!


2 thoughts on “10 Ways You Know a Story Was Written By Me

  1. a.m.harte says:

    I LIKE your number 3! Makes me want to read your stories. 😉

    But I don’t mind me a bit of smut now and then. Ah well, can’t have it all.

    Why no political affiliations? My characters make them sometimes, but it tends to be set in a fantasy world with no bearing on real politics.

    1. Sharon says:

      No political affiliations because personally, sometimes I just want to be entertained myself–and want to offer that to my readers. If I were to write fantasy, it might be different, but politics in reality are so inflammatory that I try to avoid it for the sake of entertainment.

      I don’t mind a bit of smut every now & then either, I just can’t write it well. lol

      And yes, my villain in my first completed novel (The Wyckham House) is QUITE appealing despite the fact that he is a conscienceless murderer. 😉

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