The Indie Book Blowout

Don’t miss the first-ever Indie Book Blowout! Over a hundred titles from dozens of independent authors – each for only 99¢! What a bargain! Plus, enter to win a free Kindle.

What kind of books are being offered? Mystery/thriller, romance, mainstream literary, scifi/fantasy, YA fiction, and yes, even nonfiction.

For all you romance readers, anyone who buys my novel Office Politics during the Indie Book Blowout and e-mails me a screen print of their Amazon order summary, I will give a free copy of the next in the series, The Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn (via Smashwords coupon). See the picture below for an example of the order summary (you get this in your e-mailed receipt from Amazon. Why just the order summary? Because I don’t need your address or other personal information, and you have the right to your anonymity. :-))

Now go grab your 99¢ books! There are some amazing authors participating, and you don’t want to miss it! And don’t forget to enter to win a free Kindle!


5 thoughts on “The Indie Book Blowout

  1. Lauralynn Elliott says:

    I’m there, too! I figured since my book is there, I ought to buy a few books myself. I’ve already bought 6 or 7. LOL

    I also want to stress how awesome both Office Politics and The Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn are. I loved them both!

    1. Sharon says:

      Aawww, thanks, Lauralynn! I’ve got your book, but it’s on my android, which my daughter has right now & won’t give back. Hey, maybe she’s reading it! lol

      I’m buying books too – sshhhhh!! Don’t tell the hubby! lol

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