Bestseller for a Day: Nearly Departed in Deadwood

I received a copy of this book free to read, review, and promote. Below is my honest opinion, as everyone who knows me knows I am not shy of giving. 😉

How to even begin this book review… As a writer, I’m rarely at a loss for words, and not having words isn’t the problem now. There are just so many that I could use to describe this book: mystery, romance, comedy, tragedy. Awesome, side-splitting, erotic, mesmerizing, addictive. I have literally laughed out loud (waking up Long-Suffering Spouse), fanned my face, and held my hand to my mouth in stunned “Oh no! Oh no!” incredulity.

Violet Parker literally walks into center stage from the first sentence and comes alive. I can tell she jumped fully formed and sassy into her author’s head. She is imperfect, doubt-ridden, frazzled, and utterly charming. The story is engaging – oh hell, that’s not even close. The story drags you onto center stage and forces you to experience everything Violet experiences, and let me tell you, that is some kind of face-fanning awesome when the sexual tension amps up between her characters. I blushed, I cheered, I took cold showers… And Violet’s twins – OMG, her twins… Their antics made me laugh the kind of semi-hysterical laughter only a commiserating mother can produce. The kids absolutely made this story for me.

Ann Charles writes with a dry wit and a precocious voice, and coupled with a clever – and cleverly executed – plot, this book is worth every cent and more.

Below are the companion books to go along with Ann Charles’ Nearly Departed in Deadwood – all are 99 cents for this event! And if you go on to Page 2, you can read a bit about the Bestseller for a Day event, and maybe grab yourself a freebie from Smashwords – my gift to you for stopping by today and supporting Ann, Bestseller for a Day, the Indie Book Collective, and indie authors everywhere.

Gina Robinson

Jacquie Rogers

Amber Scott

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