Writer Unleashed on the World!

My blog tour officially begins today. During the tour, Running Ink Press is dropping the price of my novella, Malakh, to 99¢. So I hope you buy it because I have one expensive hearing aid to pay for this year, and I'm relying on you. No pressure. To kick off the blog tour, I wanted … Continue reading Writer Unleashed on the World!

Climbing the Writing Wall

I've sat for several hours, contemplating this blog post. Oh, all right--the truth is, I've been contemplating it, strictly subconsciously, as I've been messing around with my tablet PC, downloading apps and wallpaper. Gadgets are my shiny things (you know, "So I guess I'd better do this before--oh, look! Shiny things!") Another truth is that … Continue reading Climbing the Writing Wall

Kait Nolan on the Craft (of writing, that is)

[tweetmeme source="SharonGerlach" only_single=false service="tinyurl.com"] One of the many pleasures I've had in traveling in internet social circles is meeting some fantastic, talented, supportive people. Kait Nolan is in the top ten on my list of Favorite People I've Met on the Internet. As today's stop on Kait's blog tour to promote her novella Forsaken by … Continue reading Kait Nolan on the Craft (of writing, that is)

Dream Killers

For the last few years, the internet has boiled in hot debate over sparkalay vampires who play baseball. I watched from the sidelines for a long time and actually found myself taking up the battle cry against the undead with diamond-shimmering skin...until a coworker called me a writing snob.