Blindsided – with Envy and Awe

BookCover_FrontFinal_smMy friend and fellow writer, Juliette Terzieff (tireless Commander in the Zombie Survival Crew), had the incredible opportunity to work with IronE Singleton on his autobiography. I’m totally envious of her opportunity and not a little in awe of his courage in tackling this project – anyone who takes on the task of writing his or her autobiography has taken on a monumental task. From remembering details to keeping it real to setting aside the fear of revealing one’s most inner self, an autobiography is the literary magnum opus of a life.  

Most of us have had singular moments that shape us, define us, change the course of our lives. In Blindsided by The Walking Dead, IronE Singleton takes us on his journey from a rough Atlanta neighborhood to the set of The Walking Dead – and more importantly, to faith and personal worth.

I don’t often plug a book before its release – and rarely a nonfiction book – but I admire the man and I adore the show. Blindsided by The Walking Dead is available for preorder on IronE’s website. And look at that cover – I love the intensity! I can’t wait to read it. Go preorder now (available in paperback or hardcover, unsigned or signed).


2 thoughts on “Blindsided – with Envy and Awe

  1. jterzieff says:

    Thank you so much Sharon!
    IronE is an amazing man, who has worked very hard to overcome an extremely tough upbringing. I’m very excited about this project and can’t wait for everyone to be able to read it!

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