Ducking Autocorrect!

At least I didn’t serve HIV with her Chu Jen nuggets… (image from Damn You Auto Correct)

I’ve shared many things with you, dear readers, some of them painful for me, most of them painful for you. But you’re still hanging around, you masochists, so I’m about to inflict even more abuse upon your tender heads.

Allow me to share the latest skirmish in my ongoing, exasperating, fiercely waged war with autocorrect (like you have any choice other than to stop reading now). I’ve never before shared my legendary difficulties with autocorrect with the masses, mostly because I’m not just losing each battle but I am losing the war. Being a writer, that’s kinda embarrassing.

This convo was between my daughter and I, talking about my granddaughter:

La Princessa: How’s baby doing? Hives gone?

Me: Haven’t checked recently but she’s not scratching anymore. Ate came foe dinner but wouldn’t eat Chu Jen nuggets and pears.

La Princessa: Hahaha! Auto correct mama!

Me: CHICKEN nuggets…ducking autocorrect. Why would that even BE an autocorrect choice?

La Princessa: Ducking? Hehehe ur on a roll mom!

Me: F—ING auto irreversible, not ducking. Shit.

Me: I give the f–k up.

La Princessa: Irreversible? LMFAO! Keep texting! This is awesome!!!

Me: Shut up.

To be honest, I can’t remember what the buttercup really did have for dinner. All that’s stuck in my mind now is Chu Jen nuggets and pears.

Ducking autocorrect.


4 thoughts on “Ducking Autocorrect!

  1. Gary A WIlson says:

    ROFLMFAO Ain’t it great how smart phones make us look stupid – especially us authors – makes you want to go and kiss your editor – I can do that and get away with it (I married her – yes i married her for her grammar!)

    1. Sharon says:

      hahaha My husband married me for mine, too. I feel like a walking, talking grammar book sometimes. I’m going to go eat some Chu Jen nuggets now.

  2. Lauralynn Elliott says:

    I’ve had some really interesting texts with my best friend. Some of them have left us laughing so hard we had tears. (It’s worse when I’m driving and using voice recognition instead of texting with my fingers.) I remember once I was traveling in a more northern region in the winter and I told her there was snow on the groin.

    1. Sharon says:

      haha hahaha That lends a new meaning to frigid. Most of my blunders tend to happen with my daughter. She probably has a secret deal with autocorrect to supply her with ammunition.

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