Blog Tour de Troops Starts Today!

Click here to donate toward Kindles for our troops!

Follow the blog hop this weekend and pick up free e-books–not only for you, but for the troops too! AND there’s a chance to win a Kindle, so don’t miss it!

The blog-hop starts at Amber Scott Books and keeps going through Memorial Day. So…what are you doing still reading this?? GET GOING! 😀

Visit the Indie Book Collective for the complete author roster, prizes, and more!


6 thoughts on “Blog Tour de Troops Starts Today!

  1. Brandon says:

    Well, as a blogger, a Soldier myself, and a proud American, I want to thank YOU all for what you are doing here! This is so awesome of you!

    Please pass on my thanks to the others participating in this with you all. I am truly impressed!

  2. Jacqueline Hopkins says:

    As an ex-Navy military member, wife of ex-Navy SEAL and mother of an Army military son, this is a great undertaking by everyone and as an indie author myself, I should have jumped on the band wagon to do this as well, but I didn’t because my book is being edited. I wish everyone luck and much success.

  3. Marce Hall says:

    Looking forward to reading your book. Thanks for participating and thank you hero soldiers and sailors for serving.
    marce_hall at yahoo dot com

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