Ten Things I Hate Abo—er…Ten Things That Make Me Happy

[tweetmeme source=”sharongerlach” only_single=false service=”tinyurl.com”]HC Palmquist–God love her–was sooooooooo kind as to tag me for this random, compulsory blogpost. I decided to participate rather than pound the crap out of her because I’m procrastinating doing my homework anyway, and at least this way I’ll look busy.


Ten Things That Make Me Happy

10.  My family. They’re just so dang odd it’s beautiful. Never a dull moment and there’s always someone to laugh at.

9.  Road trips. I love to drive, and I love to drive long distances. Now if only I had the money to do it as often and as far as I want…

8.  Squirrels. Seriously. Just watch them. They’re damn hilarious. I get warm fuzzies and grin like a fool when I see them.

7.  Writing. I love creating people, worlds, heartbreak, and joy. I love touching someone with my writing to the point they weep in sorrow or whoop with laughter.

6.  Scotch. No, I’m not intemperate. I discovered scotch a couple years ago (what do you mean it had already been discovered?? really?? was I the only one who didn’t know??) The smoky, butterscotchy flavor shivers me to my toes. Thank you, Scotland.

5.  My ‘puter. Having a laptop has truly freed me to write. I used to have to closet myself away with the desktop, which used to be downstairs outside my bedroom. With my handy-dandy laptop, I can sit in the same room and ignore the same people I ignored from a different room before. Stellar!

4.  My writing peeps, from my crit partner/editor/motivator/bitch-slapper Jinx to those who give tidbits of writing wisdom through their blogs or Twitter.

3.  Twitter. Yes, Twitter makes me happy. How many of you know that I’m an introvert? Well, all of you know now…I just told you. Anyway, where was I? … introvert … yes …  I have met people on Twitter who will always occupy my heart: Corb, Ally, Karla, Heather, Kait, Julie…and so many others I can’t even begin to name them all. Twitter has opened up a whole social vista for this girl who is most comfortable in her deck chair watching squirrels while writing & drinking scotch and laughing at her family when not ignoring them.

2.  Beaches. I adore the ocean. I love walking along the beach for hours, finding polished rocks and whole sand dollars and sea glass. I love sitting in warm sand with a good book in my hand, the cry of gulls  lulling me off to sleep so that I burn to a crisp, which takes like fifteen minutes tops since I’m a redhead. Oh, you didn’t know that either? Will you please pay attention?

1.  Me. I make me happy. I’m the only person in the universe who can make me happy, and so I decided long ago to do so. I like my sarcastic sense of humor, my strange penchant for collecting odd people, the quirk that makes me “get” British humor–not only get it, but adore it, my fear of the dark (shut it!). I suggest you like me too. But that’s just my biased opinion.

I’m not tagging anyone. H already tagged everyone I’d have tagged except maybe Corb, who will probably tell me to stuff it. Or maybe not. But honestly, I’m kind of afraid of what ten things make him happy.   😉


7 thoughts on “Ten Things I Hate Abo—er…Ten Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Gini says:

    Well! My husband loves scotch too, and occasionally I have a sip just to see if I can handle it. Usually I retreat to my gin and tonic instead. But I keep trying! 😀 Might you have a suggestion for this scotch you love with a butterscotchy flavor? I’d like to try it!

    1. Sharon says:

      It’s only apropos that you like gin & tonic (hence GINi). haha…yeah, well, sometimes my humor misses the mark. lol

      Now on to recommendations… do you like smoky? The best smoky ones without having to sell your firstborn are Bunnahabhain & Laphroaig. If you don’t like intensely smoky, The Glenlivet & Glenfiddich are milder. (The Islay malts are generally very smoky–takes a while to get used to but once you do—heaven!). Our everyday scotch is Famous Grouse. If you don’t like smoky, stick to a Lowlands brand. It will say on the labels if it’s a Lowland, Highland, or Islay.

  2. christel42 says:

    I completely understand the squirrel thing. Don’t ask me why…no clue. Today, for instance, I saw a squirrel playing with the two bunnies that roam the parking lot at my office. It was quirky and made me giggle. 🙂

    1. Sharon says:

      See? Squirrels make people happy. I love my squirrels, even though Gail curses them for burying black walnuts in our lawn so it’s all lumpy. LOL

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