I’m Not Here for Twilight

Lake Crescent from Pyramid Peak
Lake Crescent from Pyramid Peak (Photo by Jeff Taylor)

We headed home to Spokane on July 5th. For years I’ve had this memory of a stretch of curving road past a blue-green gem of a lake on my right with forest climbing the hill on my left; I thought it was from a trip across Highway 20. The image in my mind has always been calming and refreshing. I realize, as we hug the shoreline around Lake Crescent, that this is the stretch of road from my memory, only this trip I’m leaving instead of arriving.

I was heartsick to go, as I always am until the winter months when I see the news about the horrific coastal storms. Even so, this place holds fast and tight to a corner of my heart. Even Long-Suffering Spouse mentioned something about running a hostel between Forks and Kalaloch as our retirement occupation. I may live there yet, where the sea sings my heart and the velvet, mossy forest echoes my dreams.

Old growth Sitka Spruce - Hoh Rainforest
Old growth Sitka Spruce – Hoh Rainforest (Photo by Mark Bassett)

7 thoughts on “I’m Not Here for Twilight

  1. NL Gervasio says:

    Um, wow! Gorgeous photos! You’re taking me there when I come to visit, right? Holy crap! I need to see this place.

    1. Sharon says:

      Oh, totally! When you come, we’ll go to the beaches AND to the Sol Duc Hot Springs, the Hoh, Quinault, and Queets rainforests, up to Neah Bay, up to Hurricane Ridge. If you have your passport, we can take the ferry across to Victoria, B.C., and go to Butchart Gardens. It’s so awesome on the Peninsula.

  2. Denise Stripes says:

    Okay, we must do this together sometime (though I’m afraid I could not keep up with La Princesa). I so want to see beaches with tide pools–there is only the one I know of in Oregon. Your pics are amazing! I’m glad to know that the “Twilight Mania” has not totally ruined this spot for you; I was wondering about that.

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