reaching out; nothing there

calling for you; no answer

except the cold, forbidding silence

that envelopes me.

a sound echoes in my mind:

a whisper in the darkness of my soul.

your memory is beyond my grasp-

your features blurred, your smile vague…

do you hear my voice calling you,

crying out for you,

my screams tiny in the silence

like a whisper?

no bells peal in my world

no song plays its tune

no sounds form into words to pierce

this oppressive silence.

the solitude is overwhelming

and my hope for love has died

i lay in silent, wordless misery


© 2008 Sharon Gerlach

One thought on “alone

  1. Tim / Palewriter says:

    You say your not all that great at poetry but I beg to differ. This was a great poem that was easy to read with no vague meanings to discipher. I liked this a lot and I’m reading more of your stuff. It felt like it could have gone on further into a story. It was a little scary too.

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