Sunlight, Trees
Sunlight, Trees (Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)

I see you
in a certain slant of light

a glimpse of tousled hair
and a sleepy grin
in the graceful radiance
of a fresh spring morning

or a flash of skin, kissed golden
sun-drenched and warmed
by the lazy beams
of a sultry summer afternoon

or in pensive silhouette
against a blazing autumn sky
painted red and gold and orange
as evening claims the waning day

or washed in the cold blue light
of a dying winter’s day,
your eyes reflective pools
of twilight chill and snow and ice

you live in every slant of light
in every hour of every day
you’re everywhere except here
beside me

(This was written for my novel Sundown, third in The Devil’s Mansion series)

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