Leonard loomed closer again. Bon trembled against her but stood – or, rather, sat – his ground. Two blotched hands reached down. Filthy nails like eagle talons scraped across her shirt, and then she was yanked to her feet and released.

“You.” Leonard pinned her with his ringed eyes. “You interest me. But you”—and Bon was lifted and slammed into the wall once more, his feet dangling several inches from the floor—“have the potential to really piss me off. Keep your mouth shut, eh? And get that damned light out of my face.”

Bon scrambled over debris and snatched up the light. The beam hit Ren Leonard full in the eyes once more and then lit the floor, casting his face into shadow.

“Come with me,” Leonard growled.

“Where?” Bon demanded immediately, stiff with suspicion.

Leonard loomed over him, glaring, and directed his answer at Mac. “It’s not safe to stay too close to the doors for too long. There are Revenants who think a little sunburn is worth a substantial meal – not that you two scrawny chickens are worth the risk of coming in here.”

“Risk? What do you mean?” Bon again, pushing his luck. Mac wished he would just shut up. They had come here for Ren Leonard’s help. Pissing him off wasn’t likely to gain it.

Leonard stalked toward Bon, his stride violent and angry. Well, everything pissed off a Revenant, so that wasn’t alarming in itself. But Leonard simply passed by Bon and headed deeper into the building. After only a second’s hesitation, Mac retrieved Black Jack and followed, snagging Bon by the sleeve and dragging him after her. He didn’t resist, but she heard him stealthily retrieve his own machete from the floor. Ren Leonard might not be your typical Revenant, but it was still abject stupidity to let down their guard.

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