(release date TBA)

3rd book cover mockupChelsea Griffin’s slim and trim days are behind her. In her mid-forties with three grown children, a hectic career, and a love for gourmet food, her husband’s petite Pixelita has morphed into Chubbalita.

Disgusted with interminable potlucks, parties, and picnics full of carb-laden food that keep her once-trim figure well padded, Chelsea strong-arms her equally chubby friends into a plan of regular exercise, reduced carbs, and a much-needed reduction of waistlines–and she charges toward her goal with the single-mindedness that marks her success in every other project on which she’s embarked.

But Chelsea doesn’t anticipate the toll her weight-loss will take on her life. From neglected relationships to deteriorating health, she plugs on with stubborn determination–until tragedy strikes.

Mindless with grief, Chelsea finds herself coping alone as her increasingly distant husband turns away. She is now faced with coming to terms with the fact that marriage means decisions made with consent of, support from, and trust in both parties–or the vows are meaningless.

4 thoughts on “Must Love Coffee (Harper & Lyttle Book 3

    1. Sharon says:

      No timeframe yet – my family has been blindsided with a couple of major traumas, so my writing time is severely limited while we’re working through things. I’m hoping to release both this and the SARAH-JANE QUINN follow-up within the next year.

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