A Certain Slant of Light

i see you in a certain slant of light, a glimpse of tousled hair and a sleepy grin in the graceful radiance of a fresh spring morning; or a flash of skin, kissed golden, sun-drenched and warmed by the lazy beams of a sultry summer afternoon; or in pensive silhouette against a blazing autumn sky, painted red and gold and orange as evening claims the waning day; or washed … Continue reading A Certain Slant of Light

There is Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth

When I finish writing a book, that is. Well, not so much weeping anymore. I cried when I finished the first two novels (The Wyckham House - as yet unreleased - and Office Politics). I wrote Office Politics right on the heels of finishing The Wyckham House; I'd read that you should put your first … Continue reading There is Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth