ROW80BadgeWell, I went away to do some publisher-type things, and now that I’m back to my writer-type things…my attention is pinging from one thing to another. I can’t focus. I have 50 pages left to revise on my first novel, The Wyckham House, before it can go to my betas for their seal of approval. This is the second revision, and although not as intense as the first, I’ve been spinning my wheels on the last 50 pages for – oh, let’s be honest here – a month or more. I haz shame.

So I told Kait tonight that goals and accountability DO work, and that I was all-in for the next round. She told me to jump right into this one. So…here I am! I’m baaaack! And I’ve missed you, those of you who were in the first two rounds with me. And to those who weren’t – hi there, nice to meetcha!

I guess now I have to set some goals. I’m gonna make it simple, because since last August, my life has literally been run by a gorgeous little buttercup (aka my granddaughter), and I never know when I’m going to actually be able to write/edit/etc. So here it is:


Finish revising the last 50 pages of The Wyckham House

and get it prepped to be published.

I fully subscribe to the KISS philosophy, so I’ve kept it simple.  😉

Nice to be back.  *sigh*

Here’s the Linky tool for all the other participants. :-)

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