ROW80BadgeI admit, I miss more check-ins than I make. I’m not particularly scattered, but I’ve noticed over the years that I’ve let go of a lot of the Type-A tendencies I picked up as a result of being the kid of a military sergeant. Also, I was reading Andrea Höst’s Touchstone Trilogy (Stray, Lab Rat One, and Caszandra) and I admit I was completely caught up in her worldbuilding. EXCELLENT series.

Excuses having been offered, here’s my update:

Finished the revision of The Wyckham House and have it prepped for publication; just waiting for edits and a cover, neither of which have an ETA. Hmmmm.

So I guess I need a new goal now…

Edit Condemned and get it prepped for publication. I DO have a cover for it. Doubt I’ll have edits back from beta readers & editor in time to release it with The Wyckham House, though. Bummer.

How’s YOUR week going?  ;-)

Cheer on the other ROW80 participants here!

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