ROW80BadgeHello, fellow ROWers. I know I’ve missed several (most) check-ins thus far. I won’t bore you with the details of my chaotic life, but just know that I really have been plugging away at my goals. 🙂

I’ve finished the edits on “Office Politics” and shipped it off to my editors.

I’m currently working on the edits to “The Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn” and should have those completed this week.

The book I’m editing for my partner is still on hold while she makes revisions from her other CPs, so I think I’ll be striking that from my goals this round.

Hope everyone is doing great–I’ll be making my rounds in the evenings, probably, since the weather is fairly nice and–considering that I have a postage-stamp sized piece of property–I have ginormous gardening duties looming before me.

Here’s the link to all the other participants. ;-)

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