ROW80BadgeI can’t promise that I’ll remember to do both Wednesday and Sunday check-ins. My life has seriously blown up since my granddaughter was born. I write my To Do lists and then I’m soundly disabused of any notion I might have had about time to myself. It’s all good.  :-)

I’m in a round of editing now. I have a book of my own to make some revisions to, then off to my faithful editor, and then a book to edit for someone else, and then another of my own to edit & revise. So my goals are writerly tasks but not necessarily the actual writing itself. I’m also lousy at promising I’ll work on this every day–remember that blown-up life?–so my goals are sketchy. On purpose. So I have less guilt. And less ‘splaining to do.


Complete edits/revision of Office Politics by April 30

Complete edits for friend by May 30

Complete edits of The Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn by end of round


Oh, and if anyone wants to host me on their blog for my bog tour, let me know! I release my novella this Friday. :-)

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