ROW80BadgeI set many goals for my life, knowing that in a perfect reality, I would be able to accomplish them without a hitch, glitch or delay. 

My life is not a perfect reality, however, and my most frequent hitch, glitch, or delay is a pretty cute little blonde-haired buttercup whose every whim I serve without hesitation. I am, in short, a complete pushover as a Nana and sacrifice a lot of writing time in favor of Buttercup-Nana time. 

Thank you, TammyTherefore, this week’s post is to revise my goals in light of a smack in the face by reality: you, dear Sharon, are not – repeat, NOT – in control of as much of your time as you think you are.

Since the buttercup rules my heart, even more so than does writing, here are my newly revised goals in light of her requirements:

  • 3,000 to 5,000 words per week
  • Maybe I’ll finish by the end of the round; maybe I won’t
  • Keep the buttercup happy, because she deserves it

How are y’all doing in your goals?

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