ROW80BadgeI became aware of an issue tonight–well, last night, by the time this posts, since I have it scheduled for the morning. Anyway, I was looking at my WordPress profile, and where my username was linked with my website, there was a teeny tiny graphic that looked…well, naughty. Uh-oh. Thought I’d better investigate, so I…increased the zoom (you thought I was going to say I clicked on the graphic, didn’t you? I know better!) and sure a-freaking-nough, it was a naughty graphic and when I looked at the properties of the link, it was my link but with a redirect to a naughty site.

Little hacker bastards.

I fixed it, but for all of you who have clicked on my name in a blog post comment and were redirected to naked butts & heaving breasts, please accept my humblest apologies (unless naked butts & heaving breasts is what you were after, in which case I shall give you a wide berth from now on).

I think there should be a special hell for little hacker jerks where they’re forced to fix the problems they & other little hacker jerks have caused. And in that special hell, there should be a deep, dark pit in which to drop all the little hacker jerks who redirect your links to porn sites. And I hope that there are lots of fleas in that pit, and no damn way to scratch.

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