ROW80BadgeAfter a LOOONG first week of the quarter at work, I finally was able to work on my writing–On THURSDAY! Yeah, it was hectic at work & at home.

Here’s what I accomplished:

  • Completed two full character charts for two of my three MCs
  • Researched some Hungarian phrases and physical characteristics, as well as regions, to go with the character charts

Up next:

  • Complete full character chart for the third MC
  • Complete short character profiles for the minor and peripheral characters
  • Work on the novel blueprint and any research that goes with it

Non-ROW80 Activities

  • On the one day a week I don’t work on ROW80 goals, I’ll be working on my 3 previously completed MSS (and a completed novella) to polish them up for upcoming publishing (going indie, baby! Indie!)

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