ROW80BadgeNot much to report. Character summaries are complete, and I’ve gone as far as I can with the novel blueprint (I don’t plan out everything that happens; I like to be surprised, too, and I’m desperately clinging to that little bit of my pantsing tendencies. ;-)).

Whoa-I guess that really is a lot to report. LOL. I’m taking the slack time not to get ahead with the other goals but to get things set up with my new business venture with a friend. We are setting ourselves up as an LLC and are going to indie publish, starting with ourselves. I’m not getting any younger, and I’m afraid if I wait much longer to be traditionally published, I’ll be published posthumously. Centuries posthumously. *shudder*

So hey, if any indie author is willing to give my upcoming not-quite-urban-fantasy release a read and a review that I can stick in the front, I’ll love you forever and return the favor however you need. It’s just shy of 23,000 words. :-D

Hop on over to the #ROW80 blog hop and see how the others are doing!

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