ROW80BadgeUmmm, yeah. Very little writerly things accomplished. Since I’m ahead of my newly revised goals, I decided to use the slack time to get a few more things set up for the business and teach myself how to build ebooks.

I’ve also had some things to take care of with the house; we got new furniture, so there was a lot to be done, such as clearing out crap and buying new (to us) shabby-chic floor lamps.

Then there’s the ear… Had the second of three shots to deposit steroids into my ear canal in the (what is probably totally vain) hope that my hearing will come back in my left ear. It’s not working so far. Moving on from hopeful to what do I do now, which are the conversations we’re having with my ENT doc.

I’ve managed to write 580 words on the new WIP (and not an opening scene. I rarely write in chronological order), and 1031 on the current WIP (all last night), which I’m happy to say is 2/3 completed.

Hope y’all are doing great meeting your goals! Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress here.

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