Release Date: TBD

It’s been six long years since Mackenzie Bright Runner killed her would-be assassin, lost her lover to the Revenant Virus and her Revenant protector to a crossbow bolt. She’s accomplished a lot since the tragedies that befell her on her trek to freedom, including staging a successful coup that tossed her beloved Stronghold’s dictatorship out on its ear.

One thing she hasn’t been able to do: move past the betrayal and loss and learn to trust and love again.

A good thing, too, because  suddenly their people are being slaughtered as they travel from the Stronghold to the islands on the coast, coincidentally at the same time Mackenzie begins finding helpful solar-powered items of technology where, conveniently, she just happens to be. No one is above suspicion, especially when, with his final breath, one of the slain fingers the Father of the Apocalypse as his murderer.

But Ren Leonard is dead . . . or is he? Four Revenants were slain on the ferry dock six years ago; only three bodies were found. And the only evidence of Elijah Riemer were his pistol thrown into the shrubs and the weapon’s ammunition discarded in the opposite direction.

When the settlement of Stronghold exiles is found slaughtered to a man and a sign on their shelter blames Mackenzie, it’s evident that the attacks are personal. But who is responsible—a rogue Revenant with a grudge, her Revenant protector . . . or the lover who supposedly died saving her?

As Mackenzie’s investigations take her ever closer to mortal danger, one truth becomes painfully clear: the only way to live another day is to trust no one . . . especially those closest to her.


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