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If you like the up-close-and-personal contact, you can take a stab at finding me at No-Li Brewhouse, Applebee’s in the Valley, or Marketplace Pizza. My husband and I have been known to share a table with people we don’t know, so don’t be shy. Sit down and share a pitcher of excellent ale with us.

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I write in the free time I have after the day job (financial aid specialist at a public college) and the family. Born in El Paso, Texas, as the daughter of an Air Force sergeant, I grew up on a series of military bases. I’m single-sided deaf (lost the hearing in my left ear in 2011). My husband and I own a Gold Wing touring motorcycle, and we like to travel every summer – our longest so far was nine days to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. I collect vintage cast iron cookware (all usable). My reading tastes are eclectic: I will read just about anything from scifi/fantasy to thrillers and police procedurals to classics, but I do not like erotica, most literary fiction, or Jane Austen. It’s OK if you like Jane Austen; we can still be friends.

People have called me a romance writer, but I really don’t think that describes what I pen. All of my books pull in strong elements of relationships, both familial and romantic, because that’s real life. I like to go beyond the first fluttery feelings of romance, beyond the “being in love” euphoria, to the real meat of the relationship: bills, not enough money to pay them, the challenges of living together, the insecurities that lead to bad decisions. In other words, I like to write about real life with a dash of hope thrown in. That is not to say that my stories always have happy endings. Let us just say that they have happy enough endings.

Where I write

20180428_141134The dining room table. Yep, that’s right. I have no fancy office, no favorite coffee shop, no special writing nook. To be close to the bathroom, kitchen, and family, my computer is set up on a corner of the table in the dining nook between the kitchen and family room.

I finally have an office, y’all! The kids are grown and the grandkids live with their dad, so my husband helped me transform the extra bedroom. I’m still close to the kitchen, bathroom, and the family, but I can shut them out if need be.

I’m back to the dining room table. My daughter moved back in, so there went the office. Only while I’m waiting for my new desk to built in a corner of my newly remodeled bedroom.