In Satan’s Arms


You looked at me;

you saw right through me—

through my inhibitions, my fears,

my superficial morals.

You looked right through me

to see me as I am.

I looked at you;

I saw right through you—

through the darkness of your soul

and the callousness of your heart.

I reached out to you,

to love you as you are.


They say we are wrong.

They wear us down

with imposed morals and values

until we build a wall to shelter

our self-justifying defense…

and trap ourselves inside.

They say our love is wrong,

but I’d lie in Satan’s arms

to hold you in mine.

©1981 Sharon Gerlach

2 thoughts on “In Satan’s Arms

  1. Another great one. Did you really do this in 1981? It shows a maturity in your words and a natural feel to your flow of verse. A strong emotional undertone to it made it feel good at the last stanza. I liked it.

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