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Frannie Freeman’s Margarita Method of Interviewing – Victim: NL Gervasio

Today I’m featuring an interview with my fellow indie writer/business partner/beta reader/editor/dear friend NL Gervasio, more commonly known to you—and me, truth be told—as Jinx or Jinxie G. I met Jinx in October 2006 on a writers site called WritersCafe, back when it was the best thing evah this side of a Paris café. We’ve been pretty inseparable ever since.

So much so that I feel absolutely no qualms about turning this interview over to Francesca Freeman, the intrepid, fantastically clumsy main character of my second novel, Office Politics (release date June 30, 2011). Frannie comes with her own warning label (“Internal Thoughts May Be Vocalized Without the Benefit of Filtering”), so you’ve been warned. ;-)

PS – It was Jinx’s birthday on Monday, so be sure to wish her a happy birthday on here, her blog, or Twitter! Oh, and did I mention there’s a GIVEAWAY? One lucky winner gets a free copy of Nemesis (click here to read a sample)! Just follow the instructions at the end of the interview. Continue reading Frannie Freeman’s Margarita Method of Interviewing – Victim: NL Gervasio

Character Interview Blogfest

[tweetmeme source=”SharonGerlach” only_single=false service=”bit.ly”] Yeah yeah–another blogfest. Deal. I LOVE these things! I admit a lot of it is because they drive traffic to my blog, but even more importantly, they allow me to connect with other writers who are often willing to help me kill my darlings and zap my run-on sentences.

This blogfest–the Character Interview Blogfest, graciously hosted by Sangu Mandanna–is a little different than the ones in which I usually participate: a character interview rather than an excerpt from my actual work. The first character that popped into my head seemed a little too obvious to me to interview; after all, she virtually ran away with my second novel and made it her own (and I’m eternally grateful). But after I thought long and hard about it, she seemed the logical choice. My friend Nikki will need to read no further to know which character I chose. ;-)

Be sure to visit the other blogs to read their entries!

Oh, and this blogfest post was supposed to be only 500-700 words long–not sure what you could have learned with that word limit–but I’ve been true to form and it’s ten times as long… As always, stop reading when you get bored. :-D Last chance to flee!