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If you like the up-close-and-personal contact, you can take a stab at finding me at No-Li Brewhouse in Spokane. My husband and I have been known to share a table with people we don’t know, so don’t be shy. Sit down and share a pitcher of excellent amber ale with us.

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I write in the free time I have after the day job (financial aid advisor at a public college) and the family (husband, three grown children,  a buttercup – also known as a granddaughter, and a BenjaMonster, also known as a grandson, as well as three Other Kids also known as my BFF’s offspring and various Other Other Kids).

People have called me a romance writer, but I really don’t think that describes what I pen. I like to go beyond the first fluttery feelings of romance, beyond the “being in love” euphoria, to the real meat of the relationship: bills, not enough money to pay them, the challenges of living together, the insecurities that lead to bad decisions. In other words, I like to write about real life with a dash of hope thrown in. That is not to say that my stories always have happy endings. Let us just say that they have happy enough endings.

Character-driven fiction. Because characters matter.


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