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 updated February 9, 2015

Blink of an Eye – FINISHED!

I’m making my own personal edits and waiting on official ones from my editors. I will be releasing to my beta readers soon, and then hopefully will have a March 2015 release, should my editors be swift and my errors few.  :-)   I look forward to offering it to you, dear readers, and hope that it entertains you as much as it did me as I wrote it.

SharonGerlach_BlinkOfAnEye_aBlink of an Eye has an official cover, which am I pleased to say captures the feel of the book’s setting and my mental image of the story’s heroine, Mackenzie Bright Runner.

I’m also pleased to announce that I will be writing a second Revenant book (tentatively titled Revenant, aptly enough). I will start work on it when I’m done writing Where I Belong. Right now all the particulars are gelling in my mind – these books are a little more challenging to write because I have to keep putting aside modern technology and the modern way of life and really think on how things would be if most of humankind was gone and civilization as we know it had ended.

Where I Belong

The long-awaited continuation of Gus and Sarah’s story (The Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn) is still in progress. I’m pleased to say I have only seven chapters left to complete it.  I’m hoping for it to be done by the end of the month, and released by June 2015.


The third installment of the Harper & Lyttle series hit a major roadblock when the book I wanted to write – a hilarious jaunt through middle-aged body image and weight loss – decided it wanted to be something deeper and more serious. I’ve wrestled with this for a while, and have finally come to the conclusion that I need to write the story as it wants to be written, not as I first envisioned it. It will still have my trademark humor (has anyone guessed I’m an incurable smart-ass?) but possibly with a dose more reality and a deeper message than I had first planned.


sundown-wattpadThe third installment of The Devil’s Mansion series is brewing in the back of my mind, slowly coming together. Unlike the Harper & Lyttle books, this series must mesh together a little more closely, and threads of each story are intricately woven into the others. It takes a lot of maintenance and a hella spreadsheet to make sure the timelines stay true – which means that while Sundown is gelling in my imagination, so is the fourth book, The House of Smoke and Shadows, which will take everyone back to Pennsylvania.


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