From well-meaning but impossible-to-meet self-imposed deadlines to the often chaotic ways a creative mind works …

Welcome to the world of an independent author.


I write sweet, sentimental contemporary romances realistic stories of relationships: the good, the bad, and the unpaid bills. My work delves beyond romantic candlelit dinners and the fluttery butterflies of a first kiss, and dives right into the often light, sometimes dark, and ever-enduring heart of real love.

Wyckham House print cover3-sm

You can take the path of light and enter into the corporate world of Harper & Lyttle, a software development company in Los Angeles, where Cupid shoots his arrows through an unsuspecting cube farm.

Or delve into the darker side of love at the devil’s mansion, where romance rubs elbows with the supernatural, and sometimes “happy enough” is the only happiness there is in the end.

Whichever path you choose, I promise a rollercoaster ride of realistic emotion, imperfect characters, reckless actions, and sometimes beautifully idiotic decisions.

Character-driven fiction. Because characters matter.


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